A home security system is about confidence and trust. You can feel safe and sound whether you are home alone or sleeping soundly. Even if you've just run down the street for some groceries or you're out of town all week, you can have peace of mind that your home is just the way you left it.
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Now you and your family can rest easy. A new security option, Home/Sleep/Away, gives you three protective levels instead of two. Older security systems with Home/Away features allow perimeter doors and window protection while leaving the interior unprotected. They permit freedom of movement inside, while perimeter security is maintained.

Now, with the Security Command Sleep mode, you can protect locations within your home away from sleep areas, as well as the perimeter. Imagine the sense of security you'll have, knowing the unoccupied interior areas are secure in addition to the perimeter of your home.

So sleep tight. With Home/Sleep/Away, you know that when your family sleeps, the extra protection against intrusion will insure sweet dreams.

When everyone leaves the home, the away mode fully activate your Security Command System for complete protection, inside and out!

Move about freely inside your home, knowing protected perimeter doors and windows will signal an alarm if an intruders opens them.

In addition to the protection provided by the HOME mode, SLEEP activates protection in areas inside your home that remain unoccupied throughout the night.
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